MEG Training Center

MEG Training Center is a training service provider that has been established in 2015 as a part of Middle East Group that was founded 15 years earlier. MEGTC provides courses and diplomas for teaching on school campus. We bring you the best training experience through our well-structured workshops and our experienced training experts who have been chosen to foster your teachers’ skills. You can choose from our variety of topics in different subject areas or you can simply ask for a customized workshop just for your school! We aim to serve your school needs whatever they are.


MEG Training Center aspires to be one of the best known accredited training centers globally, offering individuals the tools they need to advance personally and professionally.


MEG Training Center is dedicated to fostering a better teaching and learning experience for both students and teachers through the development of educational products and services, serving the educational community with high calibre instruction and training.

Training Center Courses

Short English Courses


Second Language Acquisition

Phonics for Young Learners

Learning Styles

Reading and Writing

Critical Thinking

Listening and Speaking

Teaching Grammar

Lesson Planning

Games & Activities in the EFL

Classroom Management Techniques

Supervising Skills

Arabic short courses

Usage of Innovative Strategies in Teaching Arabic

Comprehensive Teaching Strategies

Usage of Teaching Aids in the Classroom

Individual Differences among Children

Time Management